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Dana is a proactive agent, empowering new buyers to realize their needs, hopes, and non-negotiables, determining the best homes & neighborhoods for their story. Dana’s combination of professionalism, vibrant personality and business acumen allows her to be an invaluable resource for homebuyers. Her experience with first time buyers and her understanding of the nuances of the buying process allows her to make the home buying experience an exciting and joyful one. With the help of expert advisors, bankers, contractors, and designers you will receive best practice and results.

Additional Buyer Services:
· Access to exclusive, off-market properties
· Weekly market updates and advice
· Visit planning and escort to open houses
· Review and evaluation of all reports about the property
· Swift advice and execution submitting offers
· Support throughout all aspects of property transfer

Dana knows the economic and market trends, and she possesses a natural ability to connect excited buyers to a desirable property. She has experience in market-specific public relations and provides a heightened level of exposure to real, niche buyers. Selling your home can be a personal process, and in today’s market, is a multi-layered effort. Dana will handle every part, through and through, and will be present with you for each step. Her approach will give you peace and satisfaction, ensuring you can focus forward.

List and Marketing Services:
· Staging and Design Service and Support
· Contractor Service and Guidance
· Inspection Recommendations
· Digitalized Signature Support
· Customized strategy to maximize sales
· MLS profile sheet preparation

· Personalized property website
· Advertising sale on Tal’s personal website
· E-flyer blast to top SF based realtors
· Customized property marketing brochure
· Direct mail to identified potential buyers
· Professional property photo shoot
· In-house connection to qualified buyers